Anti Ragging Cell

Anti-Ragging Cell

Ragging of juniors is strictly forbidden. Apart from it being an abhorrent practice it is also banned by law and could lead to criminal proceedings.

Metas Adventist College has ‘Zero-Tolerance Policy’ towards ragging. It is important for a student to give a declaration for this effect during registration. The College takes strict legal disciplinary action that could include temporary suspension or permanent expulsion from the College and every student should be aware. Metas Adventist College has a very efficient anti-ragging committee that functions for the welfare of all the students as well as for faculty, especially the freshers. Faculty members are allotted for the entire student body in Metas Adventist College to attend the student needs.

Sr. No Name Designation Phone number
1.  Mrs. Ananda Nimmy  Chairman  9723811842
2.  Mr Mohan Rao  HOD Commerce  HOD Commerce
3.  Dr Anil Ch  HOD Management  9824448444
4.  Dr Priya Narayana  Assoc Professor  9998962570
5.  Mrs. Jyotsna Bagde  Girls’ warden  9824744426
6.  Mr. Bikaram Nayak  Boy’s warden 8758635315
7.  Mrs. Namrata Dave  Librarian  9173862632
8.  Mr. Rinkubhai S  PSI Umra Police station  9825967762
9.  Ms. Patel Ishanikumari  Student  9687442942


 Sr. No  Name  Designation  Phone number
 1.  Mrs. Ananda Nimmy  Chairman  9723811842
 2.  Mr Mohan Rao  HOD Commerce  9924448058
 3.  Mr. R Deva Das  Vice- Principal Nursing  9924076577
 4.  Mrs. Purnima Jasmin  Senior tutor  9374502163
 5.  Mrs. Viora Zachariah  Senior tutor  9924458081


Sr. No Name  Designation Phone number
1.  Mr Mohan Rao  HOD Commerce  9924448058
2.  Mrs. Ananda Nimmy  HOD Nursing  9723811842
3.  Mr. R Deva Das  Vice- Principal Nursing  9924076577
4.  Mrs. Jyotsna Bagde  Girls’ warden  9824744426
5.  Mr. Bikaram Nayak  Boy’s warden  8758635315
6.  Mr Job Dondapati  Assoc VP Student Affairs  972555790
7.  Mr. Khirod Dalpati  Registrar  972355799
8.  Dr. Ramesh Surti  Physician  9824413502
9.  Mrs. Ch. Chiatanya  Lecturer  8155050311


Sr. No Name Designation Phone number
1.  Mrs. Ananda Nimmy  Chairman  9723811842
2.  Mr Mohan Rao  HOD Commerce  9924448058
3.  Dr Apurva Shah  Advocate 9898022869


4.  Dr Vineesh Shah  Medico-legal consultant  9712777733
5.  Dr Priya Narayana  Assoc Professor  9998962570
6.  Mr. Rajesh V  Senior Tutor  9558884802
7.  Ms. Mangrola Tina  Student  9510024791
8.  Ms. Parmar Damini  Student  9687003536

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