ICT Classrooms

ICT Enabled Classrooms

Objectives of the Practice

  1. To provide a good IT infrastructure to the college.
  2. To provide seamless internet connectivity in the classrooms, Library, Faculty Room, and Offices.
  3. To facilitate teaching-learning experience amidst the lockdown due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  4. To prepare the possibility of hybrid-classes (online and offline).
  5. Use of online platforms such as Zoom Meetings and Google Meet.

The context

Every classroom in the college is fitted with a Projector and a screen for enhancing the teaching experience through presentations and other electronic methods. Faculty can use their laptops as a powerful tool in the classrooms.

With the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the pedagogy shifted towards online classes. With most of the students opting to study from home, it was necessary to strengthen and upgrade the IT infrastructure as the online classes do consume a lot of bandwidth for streaming and sharing files and notes to the students.

The attendance is also marked online through the student management software (Escuela). For this purpose, there is a need for a good IT infrastructure.

The Practice

The college has a dedicated internet line for online classes. Each classroom has its router, thereby ensuring healthy and strong Wi-Fi connectivity. Faculty use their laptops in the classrooms while taking the classes.

Internet facility is available at the Library for students to browse and read more on the subject matter. The Wi-Fi is not for the students.

Evidence of Success

The response to the online classes was encouraging. Students were able to attend the classes in the safety of their homes. The online platform has also opened venues for webinars. Faculty, Students, and the teaching community had the opportunity to listen to professionals and experts in topics of Management, Commerce, and Nursing.

Professional enrichment and development surged due to the online access to these resource personnel.

Though initially, the college faced challenges due to the ‘new normal’ mode of teaching, there was an overwhelming response towards online classes.

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