General Medicine

General Medicine


The Department of General Medicine deals with the prevention, diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of various diseases. It serves as the first point of contact whenever a patient visits the hospital. A general physician conducts a physical examination of the patient and then recommends necessary tests and diagnostic procedures. The results of these tests, the general physical examination and symptoms are then correlated to arrive at a final diagnosis. Depending on the final diagnosis, the general physician gives the necessary treatment (usually medication) to the patient or refers to a specialty department for further treatment.

The department of general medicine at Giffard Memorial Hospital is favored by a multitude of people owing to the fact that is a convenient one-stop-solution. Add to this, the presence of talented specialists, modern diagnostic services and a 24-hour pharmacy go on to make this the all-round solution that patients seek.

The Department of General Medicine provides treatment for the following:

  • All types of fevers
  • Infections affecting different organs of the body
  • All metabolic diseases and Endocrine Diseases such as Diabetes, Thyroid, Cholesterol, Obesity.
  • Blood pressure
  • Tummy Aches, Infections like Vomiting, Diarrhoea, and Jaundice
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Respiratory Diseases like Asthma, Allergies, Lung Infection, Cough, Sinusitis, Pneumonia & TB
  • Disease of the Joints And Limbs, Backache
  • Problems like a Headache, Muscular Weakness, and Epilepsy.

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