Please help us maintain a clean, healthy environment for patients and staff: 


  • Please clean your hands with soap and water OR with the hand gels.


  • It is especially important to clean your hands after you cough or sneeze, before meals, and after going to the toilet.


  • Hands can be soiled after contact with the physical environment.


  • For your own safety, please make sure your hands are clean.


  • Do not place towels or clothing on  Air Conditioners.


  • Do not store belongings (including suitcases) on the floor.


  • Remove toiletries from the bathroom after use.


  • Do not store food in or on lockers unless the food is in airtight containers.

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    METAS of Seventh-Day Adventists is a part of the vast array of educational and medical institution run by the Seventh – day Adventist Organization.​
    Worldwide they are operating 5590 educational establishments, including 114 universities and colleges.​



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