Your Stay

Your Stay in Our Wards

After you are admitted, you will be brought to a ward or clinic. This page describes what you can expect from your stay

In the wards, where your core healthcare team will provide you with the best quality care.


Your Healthcare Team

Upon arrival in a ward, a nurse will help to settle you in and a doctor will work with you to complete your medical history.


During your stay, your core healthcare team may consist of:

The Nurse on duty – who provides you with your nursing care, and the healthcare assistants who support the nurses.

The Ward Supervisor, who is responsible for managing the ward and clinical management of care.

Allied health professionals – Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Social workers, Speech Therapists, Dietitians, and Pharmacists  – who provide you with their specialist service as necessary.

Your consultant – the doctor responsible for your treatment while you are in the hospital. Your consultant will supervise your treatment and determine when you are ready for discharge.

Your medical team, who treats you under the supervision of the consultant.

Laboratory, Radiology, and pharmacy staff may also support your care during your stay.

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