Child Psychologist (Counselor)

Child Psychologist (Counselor)

Posted 2 weeks ago

Job Description

We are seeking for a qualified and compassionate Child Psychologist to join our school. You may work with children suffering from a wide range of issues,

e.g. ADHD, anxiety, and depression,  to children seeking to overcome substance abuse, or who are in post-trauma recovery.


Qualification: B.A./ M.A. Child Psychologist


  • Must have at least 2-3 years of experience
  • Excellent communication skills, specifically the ability to communicate with children of different ages and from different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds
  • Adhere to all professional, ethical, and legal regulations as determined by relevant regulatory bodies and the law
  • Must be approachable and empathic for children to be comfortable working with you
  • Must be knowledgeable of different therapeutic methods and be able to switch between different approaches to meet each child’s needs

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Conduct psychological assessments and/or tests for diagnostic purposes
  • Develop an individualized treatment plan for each child
  • Educate family members on what they can do for their child or how to respond to certain behaviours
  • Recommend rehabilitation or intervention programs to overcome addiction issues
  • Provide complete documentation and records of assessments and treatments according to in-house policies

Job Features

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