Hostel Warden Required

Hostel Warden Required

Posted 1 year ago

Hostel Warden 


Job Description

Looking for a Warden who is Self-Disciplined and willing to cater to the needs of the students and to make sure that cleanliness is maintained throughout.



Spicer College Graduate


Roles and Responsibilities

  • To prepare students for a superior academic scholarship.
  • To bring some discipline and moral ethics among students.
  • To instil the values and doctrines of moral standards among students.
  • To prepare students to be successors of traditional and modern business firms as well as educational and medical ministries.
  • To make students responsible thinkers.
  • To provide a clear vision and power to become creative and responsible citizens.
  • To prepare students for the intellectual, civic and moral life of the country.
  • To prepare students to serve God and man.
  • To offer ethical values through instructions and to tell them who we are; why we are here and where we are going.
  • Warden is custodian and in-charge of all the hostel properties. Warden has to verify the stock periodically.
  • Warden has the authority to check the room and visit the students at any time

Job Features

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