Life At Metas

  • METAS is preparing future leaders and citizens for a highly interdependent world, providing an education system where internationalization promotes cultural diversity and fosters intercultural understanding, respect, and tolerance among people.
  • METAS strives to attract, retain and serve a diverse community of faculty, staff, and students from across the world.
  • We believe that the best education can develop only in a vibrant, diverse community that actively affirms both the differences among its members and the numerous points of connection.
  • “Diversity” at METAS is not just about the myriad of ways people differ from one another but is about acknowledging the differences and approaching the differences with a willingness, eagerness, and understanding to accommodate them and learn from them.
  • The METAS community from different regions, castes, creeds, colors, etc is promoting culturally inclusive behavior and activities where cultural differences are appreciated and explored.
  • Diversity enriches all aspects of academic and social life in the campus and encourages approaches to teaching and learning that are both innovative and relevant to an increasingly global academic environment.
  • Diversity allows for new shapes, textures, and imaginings of knowledge; it encourages the innovation and insight that is essential to the creation of knowledge.
  • At METAS we have been, are and will continue to be committed to diversity in our community. This commitment includes diversity in all of its manifestations: culture, intellectual perspective, philosophy, race, politics, socioeconomic background, religion, work experience, and much more.
  • We believe that the richness of our backgrounds, cultures, talents, and interests has made METAS one of the best places to be associated with where people from diverse backgrounds are treated with equal respect.
  • The act of drawing people together and attempting to unify their myriad cultures has created a METAS sense of “diversity.”
  • Lush Green Vast Campus is filled in all the regions of the Metas campus.
  • The environment-friendly campus is home to several architecturally striking buildings where every need of both staff and students are met. Tree-lined avenues and lush lawns dotted with beautiful flowering shrubs soothe the eye and create an ideal learning ambiance.

Emblematic Architecture

  • The Institutions’ infrastructure is distinctive by its modern architecture with each building illustrating a unique picture of its utility.
  • Each building has been designed to provide comprehensive services to the staff and students.
  • All the buildings are architectural with optimal use of natural light and air.
  • The campus provides a vibrant backdrop to the academic achievements and offers an unbeatable lifestyle, providing a unique place to study, relax and develop.
  • We aspire to be a ‘model unit’ amongst institutions for our eco-friendliness, no drugs campaign, and ‘ zero tolerance’ for drugs and alcohol.
  • The campus has a cosmopolitan atmosphere with students from different parts of the globe.

Safety and Security

The institutions are of the firm belief that the security and safety of its inmates is an integral part of it For maintaining a safe academic environment in the campus, the institution has:

  • A dedicated team of professional security officers and personnel deputed at all campus locations.
  • A network of CCTV Cameras installed at strategic places for 24hr surveillance.
  • Fire Safety kits mounted inside all buildings and at all important locations.

Student life

METAS challenges students to succeed to the best of their ability academically, provides them support to reach their academic and personal goals, and prepares them for a lifetime of success, both in their careers and in service to others.

The mission of the Division of Student Life is “to promote the holistic development of students and steward a dynamic campus community. We engage students in purposeful experiential learning that challenges them to make a difference in the world as they care for themselves and others, and positively impact the diverse communities in which they live.”

The Division of Student Life works with partners across campus to provide programs and services that advance the development and well-being of students.

We care about the holistic development of students in mind, body, and spirit, and cultivate a campus climate that strives to be inclusive and supportive, and models respect for every individual.

What you learn in class, you can apply (on campus, in the local community, globally)

  • Accessibility and Opportunity
  • Depth and Breadth
  • Challenge and Support


We care about your opinions, your values, your perspective, your voice and your interactions with others. We help you live as active and engaged citizens of the campus, of their communities and of the world.

METAS is committed to a deep engagement with people, cultures, ideas and the environment. Student Life provides opportunities for experiential learning, leadership and service; programs that support students physically, emotionally, ethically and intellectually; and programs that are just for fun. Increasingly, these programs are offered through faculty-student life collaboration.

METAS campus life is a melting pot of various cultures, regions, countries, ethnicities, flavors, cuisines, sights, and sounds that has already enthralled thousands of students.

The list below gives just a glimpse of various facets of campus life at METAS. But to truly feel the palpable sense of excitement, to see the convergence of global cultures in motion, and to experience a campus life truly ‘Beyond Boundaries’ one has to be here as these feelings cannot be described in words.

Infrastructure and Facilities

METAS offers a world-class infrastructure to its students. All its educational schools are equipped with state-of-the-art classrooms to facilitate teaching and interactivity amongst faculty and students. Classrooms are fitted with the latest equipment for making presentations, lectures, debates and group discussions take place in the most convenient and enriching way. There is a dedicated computer center that provides easily accessible and excellent facility to the faculty and students with high-end computers catering to their academic, research and recreational requirements.

Co-Curricular Activities

Clubs/ Societies: Our students discover their talent by participating in diverse forums, clubs, leadership workshops and various other events such as Olympiads, Quizzes. We have a Student Centre, under which several clubs and societies such as Photography, Dance, Literature, Music, and Dramatics are functional round the year with periodic inter-and intra-institutional events and workshops.
As a student, you can also be an active member of a society that will help you to bring out your true potential, aptitude, and give your career a perfect direction

Campus Magazine:

The CRESCENT is a magazine produced by the METAS. The idea behind the launch of The CRESCENT was to give students and staff a platform to hone their skills, where they can identify news stories, write reports and features, edit copy, give headlines, do layout and design and learn news and feature photography. Our idea is to give them the feel of a professional even when they are at the learning stage. We can humbly say that to a great extent we have succeeded in our endeavor. We have developed a small but dedicated team which can be an asset to any new organization.


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