Our History

Medical Educational Trust Association Surat of Seventh-day Adventist is a registered company incorporated under the laws of Indian Companies Act 1956 having its Head Office at Surat, Gujarat. Metas is a group of institutions that runs 10 educational and medical facilities in Surat, Vyara, Ranchi, and Nuzvid.

With its headquarters situated at Surat, Gujarat, it is renowned for setting benchmarks in health, education, and social services. Metas today is a testament of perseverance and hard works of missionaries dedicated toward setting up of a Christian edifice across India.

In 1920, Pr. Smithwick arrived at the Bombay port by ship. In 1923, a piece of land was purchased from the Maharaja of Baroda to start a small dispensary in the town. As the patients increased, a bungalow was hired at Nanpura to accommodate the rising influx of patients. In 1942, Dr. George A. Nelson, the Medical Director, relocated the facility to Athwalines where it currently stands today.

With the passage of time, the hospital gradually grew manifold both in infrastructure and services under the illustrious leadership of renowned Medical Directors and Administrators who embodied themselves in creating a robust health chapter under the roof of this pioneering hospital.

The great visionaries looked beyond health care. With eight students available, they laid the foundation of a “Tin School” in 1946. Within a short span, it grew itself with its name and fame as Metas Adventist School.

It has created history with its seventy-five years of legacy of its relentless journey in defining future and imparting life-size education. Today, it’s thriving with more than 8,200 students.

Initially, the school just behind the church imparted education to the children of the workforce under the headship of by Mrs. Shinde. In 1975, a new elementary block was introduced under the leadership of Mr. Promod Gaikwad. In 1981, the school introduced the 10+2 curriculum program in its facility.

The hospital evolved steadily with many new medical facilities such as the pediatric wing, X-Ray department, a private wing, and a general ward.

In 1977, Pr. P. K. Peterson and Dr. Mohan Chandrasekar came forward and offered the needed assistance to initiate the nursing programme under the statutory approval of the Gujarat Nursing Council (GNC).

In 1978, the first batch of nursing students began their journey under the supervision of Mr. R. Isaiah who was on deputation from Nuzvid to help run the nursing program. This year, the batch was admitted to the School of Nursing.

In 2001, Dr. M. S. Jeremiah was appointed as the President & CEO of all the units at Surat, and it was brought under the umbrella of Metas: Medical Educational Trust Association, Surat.

Ever since, Metas has been growing leaps and bounds in every sphere of service—be it education, health, missionary or charity. The vision of the founder President was to make Metas a center of excellence and an epitome of quality. His parental love and direction steered the institutions to the defining and promising future.

The Metas Adventist College, Surat was inaugurated in 1998 as B-School in view of growing business opportunities under the economic liberalization programme. The college used to offer both undergraduate and post-graduate programs under the affiliation of MAHE, Karnataka. Later in 2006, it was affiliated to North Eastern Hill University, a central university in Shillong, Meghalaya.

The Metas Adventist College is credited with the accreditation of NAAC and its programs are duly approved by the regulating bodies like AICTE and AAA (Adventist Accrediting Association), Washington D.C., USA.

The Metas adopted the Mission Campus at Ranchi (2006) and Nuzvid (2007) to serve the local community under Metas Mission and Vision programmes. Both the units have considerably developed in terms of infrastructure and human resources to satisfy the growing reliance of residents on the brand values of Metas. The Lord has been with us to serve His children that we pray day in and out.

It was the turning point of Metas history in August 2014, when the torch of leadership of Metas was passed on to Dr. Srikakolli Eliah, a Minister of the Lord. With renewed passion and proficiency, the goals set are duly accomplished and many milestones have been earmarked in Metas services to mankind. The recent accolades include the Surat hospital is accredited by the NABH, New Delhi and many scholastic achievements by the schools and colleges at various campuses.

May the goodness and blessings of the Lord graciously shower upon Metas and allow it to accomplish its Mission, Vision, and Values.



    METAS of Seventh-Day Adventists is a part of the vast array of educational and medical institution run by the Seventh – day Adventist Organization.​
    Worldwide they are operating 5590 educational establishments, including 114 universities and colleges.​


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