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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

The parents concerned are to satisfy themselves beyond doubt before filling up of the Admission Form online. Filling in the details twice for the same candidate will result in cancellation of Registration.

1)            The online admission is only for the Junior Kg. at the Metas Adventist School, Surat.

2)            The online process is only a registration process and registration does not imply admission.

3)            The decision on admission is exclusively left to the discretion of the President & the School Management Committee and binding                on parents.

4)            Parents should go through the training module before initiating the registration procedure.

5)            The parents are to fill the mandatory fields marked (*) in the form.

6)            For the admission in Junior Kg, the child should not be less than 3 (three) years and 6 (six) months and not more than 4 (four)                    years and 6 (six) months by June 10, 2017.

7)            Children born between 10th December 2012 to 10th December 2013 are only eligible for admission. There won't be any relaxation                on the age criteria.

 8)            Parents are to agree and accept the fee structure given before filling the Admission Form online.

 9)           The Application fee of Rs 1000/- (one thousand) paid online or offline after filling up the Admission Form is neither transferable                     nor refundable even if the admission is denied.

 10)        The School shall not be responsible for any inconvenience, fraud, misappropriation, etc. in the process of online payment.

 11)        The Metas Adventist School, Surat will no longer be accountable for any unpredictable / unanticipated eventuality like server                       failure or crashing or hacking, etc. In such an eventuality, the school reserves the right to take appropriate decision. 

 12)        On the stipulated date (to be informed), the parents are to come to the school with the print copies of the online Admission Form,               Payment Receipts and other relevant documents: (a) original birth certificate, (b) two sets of stamp size photos of the child and the            parent(s), (c) residence proof, and other relevant documents, if any, for the verification of the same by the school.  Affidavit in lieu              of the original birth certificate will not be accepted.(Only for selected candidates)

 13)        The parents failing to submit forms on the stipulated date, without intimation, shall have no claim on admission. 

 14)        The original documents submitted to the school must match with the details provided while filling up the Admission Form online.                 No child will be given admission on dubious / forged documents.

 15)        No caste reference will be incorporated later on, including in the LC, if not sought at the time of admission.

 16)       Parents are to get the child medically examined at the METAS Adventist Hospital (only for selected candidates).

 17)         The School shall not provide any transport facility to the children. It is exclusively left to the parents.

 18)         The online admission portal is managed and maintained by Netsol IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

19)         The school shall not remain accountable for the information shared by the parents to the agencies / banks concerned while online payment for submitting online Admission Form.

20)         The Admission Form not duly completed with valid information shall be rejected. The fee paid shall be forfeited.

21)         The parents belonging to the economically weaker section have to produce the original certificate issued by the competent authority (Government).

22)         The parents are to agree that the school shall not be held liable for any loss or damages arising out of the use of, or reliance on the information contained on the website including its failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions owing to the eventuality beyond the reasonable control of the school.


          23)          The Management reserves the right to amend any of the provisions / Terms and Conditions as it thinks fit without consultation with                          the parents. Parents are requested to keep checking  on the school website for latest updates/development.



IMPORTANT NOTE: The number of applications we receive is well in excess of the number of children we admit. Therefore this results in disappointment to all who cannot be accommodated. While we do understand your concern as a parent, we trust you will appreciate our constraints in case your child is not admitted. Therefore parents are advised to fill forms in other schools as well, so that you are sure at least in one of the schools, you may get admission.



The parents do agree and acknowledge that they shall be solely responsible for their decision to agree and accept the terms and conditions mentioned herein above, and accordingly proceed for the filling up of Admission Forms made available online.

It has to be purely voluntary on the part of the parents.

NOTE: Please keep checking website  for further updates.