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Welcome to METAS Adventist Hospital

A  not-for-profit organization, caring for our patients’ needs is our first priority. This spirit of caring is reflected in our mission, “Christianity in Action – caring for the body, mind, and spirit of our patients, colleagues, community and ourselves”, and we are committed to living this mission through everything we do. We aim to care for individuals in a holistic manner, promoting healthy living, providing healing treatments and touching people’s lives through our compassionate and expert care.

The Hospital first started in 1923 as a ‘clinic’ to provide a place of healing where people learned to stay well, and since then we have been affectionately known as ’the mission hospital’. We are proud to be Surat’s one of the largest single-campus private hospital, a multi-award winning facility offering access to world-class doctors, nurses and other health professionals who are dedicated to our patients’ welfare and are renowned for their expertise and special brand of care. With more than 400 staff and 200 accredited medical practitioners, Metas Adventist Hospital offers comprehensive surgical, medical, and emergency services to over 50,000 inpatients and 160,000 outpatients each year, supported by state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment facilities and innovative services.

Our scriptures tell us that our body is a temple in which the soul resides. Isn’t it our duty to keep it fit and strong?  In order to take timely action, all normal persons should get themselves checked once a year. At Metas Adventist Hospital, we believe that health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing.

A comprehensive health check-up is essential in providing continuous health surveillance at all times. Good health is the foundation of a happy, productive & rewarding life. Most health problems can be managed more effectively if detected early, and if some abnormality in the health parameters has been detected, certain preventive lifestyle changes will be given based on the results of your health check-up.

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REAL HEROES AWARD is a social initiative by SMC in collaboration with Youth Nation to honour ordinary Indians for their remarkable contribution to society. SMC and Youth Nation presented awards to the best nurse, the best housekeeper, the best policeman and the best fire brigade personnel. MISS. ANITA GAIKWAD and MISS.KINJAL working in the Emergency […]

Metas Adventist Hospital is now NABH Accredited

“Yes, Metas Adventist Hospital, Surat is now officially an NABH accredited hospital in Surat city”, declares Dr Srikakolli Eliah, President & CEO of Metas Group of Institutions. It was a mail from Mr Bindu Madhav Yenigalla, Assistant Director, NABH with the herald of the grant of accreditation under hospital accreditation program for the services recommended by […]

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    METAS of Seventh-Day Adventists is a part of the vast array of educational and medical institution run by the Seventh – day Adventist Organization.​
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