Dr. Srikakolli Eliah (President and Principal)

Education Is Not Merely Preparation For Life, Education Is Life Itself.

On behalf of the Metas Adventist School faculty and staff, I would like to welcome the new students and all our returning students and wish them a very faithful and rewarding academic year. The school is entering its eight decade of educational service and has earned a reputation of academic excellence through the hard work of its students, teachers, parents and staff.
It is consistently ranked among the best schools in the city and supports a wide range outstanding academic, sporting and social opportunities for students. The mission of Metas Adventist School is to challenge and motivate each student to achieve his or her full potential as a responsible member of our diverse community in a safe learning environment that promotes intellectual growth.
Metas Adventist School is an extraordinary school-rich in tradition and firmly focused on the future. Our tradition of academic excellence spans many years, this is our 71st year of existence, and we are immensely proud and joyous that during this eventful journey we have made great advances in terms of facilities, teaching and learning, curriculum and student care, making it the school of choice for academically gifted students.
70 years on, it is a matter of tremendous pride and delight to find that some of our students are fourth generation students, their grandparents and parents having graced the portals of this hallowed institution years ago.
Metas Adventist School believes that parents are active participants in their children’s learning, resulting in a true partnership between the school and the family and we encourage them to join with us by supporting our many active programs.
We are proud of the accomplishments of our school and look forward to welcoming your child to the school in the upcoming year and sharing a wonderful year with you and your children.

By Dr. Srikakolli Eliah
(President and Principal)

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